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Hi! I'm interested in your game, but i would like to buy it on Steam: there are possibilities to see it on that platform?

I love the art style and I enjoyed playing it. The demon is so cute!! Its short but sweet. 

So I saw your game and I really wanted to play it, I liked the idea and art style, but when I downloaded it I just couldn't get it to open, could you help me out a little bit more? Thanks!

Hi Siaca! I'm glad you're interested & I'm sorry you had issues opening the game D:

Can you let me know the process you went through with opening it? I just tried downloading & opening the zip & folder on my end (windows PC) and it works fine for me. Is there an issue with opening the zip itself?

I honestly liked from this short but sweet game. I've managed to get the good ending, and also a lesson: never judge a demon by its horns, heh.

Thanks for making this game. :)