A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

My Demon Date is a visual novel about going on a blind date with a succubus. This game was made during the Winter 2018 - My First Game Jam


  • 3 possible endings depending on your choices
  • 7 unique and original music tracks
  • all-original artwork
  • dynamic color system that changes the screen depending on your choices
  • bat wings


It's been several weeks since you broke up with your ex and you still feel like crap. To get your mind off of things you impulsively agreed to go on a blind date tonight that was set up by your best friend Faust, who happens to be an eccentric occult-enthusiast. What could possibly go wrong?


You - Someone looking to get their mind off of their ex.

Faust - One of your best friends and also an eccentric occult enthusiast.

Mara - A friend of Faust and your blind date.


Programming/Sound Design/Music: Arachnibot

Artwork/Story: dotoriii

Music: Lysander

Writing: Comeneth

Thank you for playing!!!


my-demon-date-1.0-pc.zip 62 MB
my-demon-date-1.0-mac.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the corresponding Win/Mac zip file.
  2. Extract the folder from the zip.
  3. Open the folder and open the application "My Demon Date.exe".
  4. Enjoy!


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Hi! I'm interested in your game, but i would like to buy it on Steam: there are possibilities to see it on that platform?

I love the art style and I enjoyed playing it. The demon is so cute!! Its short but sweet. 

So I saw your game and I really wanted to play it, I liked the idea and art style, but when I downloaded it I just couldn't get it to open, could you help me out a little bit more? Thanks!

Hi Siaca! I'm glad you're interested & I'm sorry you had issues opening the game D:

Can you let me know the process you went through with opening it? I just tried downloading & opening the zip & folder on my end (windows PC) and it works fine for me. Is there an issue with opening the zip itself?

I honestly liked from this short but sweet game. I've managed to get the good ending, and also a lesson: never judge a demon by its horns, heh.

Thanks for making this game. :)